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Five minutes with … Zainab Khatoon

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Meet Realty Law’s Zainab Khatoon

Why did you choose Realty Law?
For the opportunity to join an exciting new law firm in a niche area. We are a close knit team with complementary skills and abilities – onwards and upwards!

How do your colleagues describe you in three words?
(A little) mad, supportive and a feeder! I always have a supply of Tunnocks Tea Cakes to hand.

What is your career highlight to date?
Meeting Philip Rainey of Tanfield Chambers. Philip is the guru of leasehold property management and having read his book Service Charge and Management, meeting him was an absolute pleasure.

What is the biggest challenge facing your industry right now?
There are several key changes within our industry at the current time, including leasehold reform, enfranchisement, ground rent changes and bans on tenant fees. (ed – in the summer of 2018, the Law Commission announced radical new proposals to provide a fairer deal for leasehold homeowners).

Any embarrassing moments you’re willing to share?
When I was younger I was  ahead of my class members when it came to running, so I thought I would make it a little more interesting on sports day by pretending to trip mid-race and setting myself the challenge of still winning the race. Unfortunately I injured my knee so badly I couldn’t continue running!

If you could give your younger self some advice, what would it be?
Keep your head high and keep on running (don’t trip!).

What would you eat for your last meal?
Lasagne, steak cut chips and salad (just to balance it).

And which three guests would you invite to share it with you?
Dwayne Johnson (my hero), Beyonce (the pop queen) and my daughter (my world).

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