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October 2019

Gala Unity Strikes Again – the risk of duplication of management effort

1024 656 Realty Law

The issue of “appurtenant land” continues to cause complications with RTM blocks, as was shown in the recent Upper Tribunal decision of Firstport Property Services Limited v Settlers Court RTM Company Limited and Others [2019] UKUT 243 (LC). The Upper Tribunal in Firstport determined that estate service charges were not payable to Firstport from one…

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The Tribunal may not come to the rescue! Unsatisfactory service charge provisions

1024 682 Realty Law

The Upper Tribunal’s recent decision in the matter of Camden LBC v Morath and others [2019] UKUT 293 (LC) highlights the good sense of striving to agree variations to old leases, and the risk of relying on the Tribunal to remedy imperfect historical leases.   In Morath, the UT considered an appeal from Camden LBC after…

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