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There are some of our clients who wish to try and handle the cases on their own to a certain extent but when cases start getting too difficult or problematic, they prefer for us to review or handle the case for them at that point. We offer the following services with this in mind:

  • File Review: Reviewing a whole file to see what the current status is and what your next available steps are
  • A review for one particular issue you have with a file: Advising specifically on certain issues raised in a particular file that you may have
  • Advice on an aspect of legislation or case law: Maybe a debtor is raising an area of law as a defence that you are unfamiliar with and you merely want to have a second opinion on your case before responding; we offer that service too
  • Full lease/transfer reviews: Maybe you are happy handling the matter yourself but merely want to have a lease for the development reviewed to know what your rights are. We can advise you what your rights are within the lease or transfer document
  • Invoice reviews: You may be unsure on how to raise invoices without falling into the legal pitfalls. We can review your invoices to ensure they are compliant
  • Section 20 Consultation reviews: You may wish for us to review your Section 20 notices, also known as consultation notices for major works, to ensure that they are compliant with Section 20 Landlord and Tenant Act 1985
  • Enforcement of judgments: You may want advice on how to enforce judgments that you already have obtained or wish us to enforce them for you via the various methods available to you via the courts

You may wish us to handle only certain aspects of your case and we can handle as little or as much of the case as you would like at the various different stages from pre-litigation to enforcing decisions given in the court.

Please contact us on 0121 289 5385 to discuss how our team can assist you.